I walk through the darkest valley

My shoulders heavy with the suffering of this land

Eyes dry, chapped, worn –

Body weak, brittle –

Heart deflated, broken, despairing –

I am tired.

I see nothing through the fog 

Weariness thick as wool

Ever threatening as it suffocates, stealing each breath.

Where are You?

Loved ones reach out

with trembling hands and wet eyes

But they do not understand.

They are weary, too.

Are You there?

My body no longer fights for me.

My strength is fading like the sunset at dusk.

Darkness is close now–

I feel his cold breath.

I am . . . wait — I am rising.

The heaviness in my soul is leaving.

Your presence –

It is like a morning rain,

leaving nothing untouched,

rejuvenating the dry land.

You are here. You are comfort. You are peace.

My body is not what it was.

I am new.

I am free.

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