Why does that sound so dramatic and terrifying? 

Is it because of change? Because it means leaving something behind? Stepping into the unknown? 

Family. Friends. Church. Community. Money. Space. Support. Independence. Distance….. So many words are running through my head, so many thoughts — like flies in a mason jar, flying fast and erratic, hitting the sides over and over again, finding no visible outlet.

Emotions are all I feel, all I see. I can barely label them, let alone control them. 

The world is at our feet. We are young, and we have just the two of us; we can go and do what we please. We can make our own choices and decisions based on our circumstances and the potential outcomes of those decisions. 

But, what do we do?

When do we do it? How do we do it? How long do we do it? 

I’m so confused. I keep asking the Lord for direction, but He’s funny that way; I’ve found that He likes to let us pick, and follow us wherever we go, telling us that there is not ONE right answer, but one right reaction: Stay close to Me. Keep Me involved in the process. 

Prayer would be G R E A T right now. 

2 thoughts on “???

  1. Aub!!!! Oh my goodness. Honestly–Im in the same spot. I really am questioning moving too..and all those words you shared—–are exactly where my heart is at..the adventure, risk and excitment of change..and going….but the sadness, tears and ache of what I would leave behind….

    What I keep going back to..is Papa does trust us, he does give us options, he does put that adventure for risk in our hearts…are we choosing to listen to it?! Is there something we have been stuffing down…and not listened to what our deep desires are?
    I literally have challenged msyelf to turn off the car radio, the extra noise..and literally have my palms out saying “Papa..give me a sound mind”…”with these risks im taking…give me wisdom”

    with our hearts we will plan our course…but He in fact, directs our steps…(proverbs 16:9, emphasis added).

    I pray for specific peace that will direct you, specific purpose in what you want next in this season..and why? Ask yourself why….
    I have been journaling and getting VISIOn on what I want in this next seaon, vision on where I want to be..or even who I want to be…and grow in….

    I am so glad you have Garrett to process and pray with..but it is two of you journeying and risking together, what do you both want?
    Praying for unity, vision, peace….and wisdom.

    Sorry that was long..but my heart is with you both!!!!!!!

    1. Oh, Libb, EXACTLY. I literally purposefully turned off my car radio today for exactly that reason. I know, it’s c r a z y. I’m going to text you for a coffee date this week or next. 😉

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