Faith, not Fear


All during worship at church this morning, I prayed for confidence in Garrett and my decision to move somewhere unknown. Not having found jobs up there yet, we know that it is definitely going to be difficult, maybe even blow up in our faces, but nonetheless, I want us to move  o w n i n g  our decision.

Then Tim Kayser stepped onto the podium and began his sermon: Positioned for Miraculous Provision.

Garrett and I exchanged looks. Okay, God. We’re listening.

The tag line was “How can we position ourselves to receive God’s miraculous provision?” with three tangible guidelines based out of 1 Kings 17:7-16.

(If you have a chance, please read this passage about Elijah and the widow and see the beautiful parallels scripture gives us to make sense of our life.)

1. E X P E C T  God to provide.
-God led him to strange circumstances
-one of the most unlikely places to provide
-God was setting up for a miracle
-displays God’s glory and reveals His character

2. E X E R C I S E  faith
-“Don’t be afraid”
-we need to choose to not be led by fear but to be led by faith
-give first to The Lord (v. 13)

3. A C C E P T  the provision
God’s order
1. Don’t be afraid
2. Give first to God
3. Provide for your needs
4. See the provision
Our Order
1. See provision
2. All our needs
3. Give what’s left
4. Don’t be afraid
-just enough, just in time, just what she needed (v. 16)

Is that any less of a miracle??

Lord, I don’t have all that I need, but you do. I choose faith, not fear. By your grace, I choose to put my eyes on you and your provision.

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