Thoughts on Thoughts

As I lay on my couch with my husbands heavy arms around me as he sleeps on my shoulder, I try not to move for fear of waking him. With no easily accessible source of distraction, I am left to ponder life.

I enjoy the embrace and his warmth and steady breath, but being alone with your own thoughts is sometimes daunting.

Why is it so easy to revert back to the habitual cycles of thoughts that bring you down? Are they oddly comforting? Is it their familiarity that draws you back again?

You hate them and you love them. You feed them subconsciously so they stay close. It’s easier to believe you are less. It’s easier to believe someone else is more, that good things are too out of your reach. It’s easier to doubt truth than to fully rely on it.

I’m saying no today. I choose hope.

I choose to say that I was chosen because of who I am. I am loved because of who I am. By the grace of God, I am enough. Hope lives on through me today.

“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” Romans 12:12

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