Our Baby’s First Home

To update y’all in the blog world: we are pregnant! ๐ŸŽ‰The Lord blessed us with conception two months after our miscarriage. Our little Schweets is due July 30.

Since the beginning of 2016 when we first started trying, Garrett and I had been seriously looking for a new place. We ultimately want to buy a house (not in the cards right now), but we hoped to find a house to rent. We were in an upstairs apartment, no yard, no garage – or any storage for that matter – and as we tried to have a baby, we knew we would be thankful for that extra space for storage and some grass for the little feet! Plus, would YOU want to share a wall with a new baby next door? Doubtful!

To make a long story short, Medford had nothing in our price range. We knew that renting a house would cost more than our 2 bed/2 bath apartment, but I was adamant about not wanting to downgrade and pay more just so we could be in a house.

Fast forward (past the miscarriage) to when we found out we were pregnant the second time: I started to get a little antsy about moving, itching to have a new space to cultivate and create a sweet home for our upcoming little. I started to slightly panic (and I know: first-world problems!); I was looking at our spare room, which held my work desk, all my school crates and bins, our 40-50ish inch TV, a queen bed, and closet full of extra coats and Christmas decorations. I mean I know babies are small, but where was all its stuff going to go?! There was just no way.

Meanwhile, we were still looking for a new place. Oh, and by “we”, I mean Garrett, because I was completely overwhelmed and annoyed that nothing was available in our price range, so like any responsible adult, I shut down and ignored it.

I started to make changes to our spare to try and prepare for Baby’s impending arrival, so I moved our TV back out to the living room and rearranged to make it work. I sold our guest room bed. It started to look a little more doable. The closet was still a problem; I kept having nightmares of high chairs and bouncers and swings and bins of clothes and diapers stacked everywhere. Not to mention all of the crazy hormones and morning sickness that pregnancy is so kind to grant you as you prepare for these massive life changes.

Then, the Lord sent an angel in the form of our friend Sarah this January. She is due with her second little girl at the end of this month ๐Ÿ’•, and she and her husband have been renting an adorable house from a friend of hers’ dad. She had mentioned that he had other rentals, but they were full when we had this discussion back in 2016. Anyway – she told us that his daughter had been renting from him for six years, but she and her husband just bought a house and were moving! Sarah said she would be glad to put our names in the hat if we wanted. Cue Hallelujah chorus.

We got to view the house and meet the landlords, and we loved them both immediately. The house was built in the 1920s, so it’s got some…quirks, but it also has fabulous character. It ended up being the same rent we were paying in the apartment! We do pay water, sewer, and garbage, but still! Glory be!

I won’t bore you with the drama of a pregnant woman packing and moving while her husband barks at her not to lift anything or get near any cleaning products (at least in this post), but after living in an empty apartment for two weeks (except for our mattress and skinny dresser), we said goodbye to the apartment on March 1st, and are nesting now in this new place, so grateful to the Lord for His timing of everything.

I’m still in the honeymoon stage with this house, and it is just perfect. It’s 2 bed/2 bath, same as our apartment; we lost square footage in both rooms and bathrooms, but gained a bigger kitchen/dining room and a bonus room that juts off the front living room. Did I mention there’s a fireplace? And a brick archway into the dining room? And a big front porch AND back patio? I’m basically dead.

All that to say, please come over. ๐Ÿ’™

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