Merry Christmas

25 December 2021

TL;DR: I’m grateful and Merry Christmas.

Today was possibly the best Christmas I’ve ever had. Tears have been pricking my eyes since I awoke to that last photo. @therealgschweety and I have shared many glistening looks today just basking in gratitude and awe of the life we find ourselves in. Watching our kids (plural!!) look and giggle at each other and snuggle, stomping in the snow on our first white Christmas, making and eating treats and playing with new toys, watching Emerson do her makeup and put on sticker earrings all while closing her eyes and thanking Santa, and feeling fully complete as this little family of four… I am completely overwhelmed. It’s not fair. Garrett and I were genuinely discussing the staggering reality of how this could be. We both agreed on something: to keep helping each other remember this day and find perspective on the daily tedium, to not squander our “luck”, to spread the love and goodness of Jesus just by how we live gratefully and sharing all we have and more. We are exhausted (for balance, Decs is still not sleeping through the night), and as we finished watching Die Hard (because we fell asleep and couldn’t finish it last night), I went to get a sleeping pill (because being exhausted doesn’t mean your insomnia is cured!) and saw that it was snowing again. This first picture was twenty minutes ago. What a gorgeous way to end a truly magical day. All is calm and bright.*
*Until Declan wakes up and we continue the Ferber method.

Christmas evening.
Christmas morning.

Merry Christmas, my loves.

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