Bright eyes, full heart

The longest I’ve been apart from Duck

Gone for 3 days and 3 nights

When in California, I FaceTimed him,

He was all smiles

Which quickly dissolved into confusion and tears

He couldn’t feel me and my heart cracked


When I came home and I stepped through the door


Looking for my boy

He comes padding around the kitchen table

In nothing but a diaper

And stops.

A huge grin spreads

He stamps in place

And arms outstretched

Laughing, he run-toddles to me

I scoop him into my arms and lick him up

He clings tight and rests his head on my shoulder

Then pulls his head back to look at my face and in my eyes

Then rests his head on my shoulder again

Then looks into my face again

Then he means forward, mouth open, and kisses my nose

I am a puddle. This boy has my heart.

He lets me snuggle him extra long that night after his bottle. This boy has my heart and my heart is full.

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