I am a recently married, three job bearing, lover of Jesus who is just trying to make it in this crazy world! I love all things rainy, reading Harry Potter so many times I’m almost embarrassed, pretty much everything that combines mint and chocolate, my current obsession is my wedding photos, and I am learning to accept the grace and bountiful love of my Savior Jesus Christ.

My husband Garrett is my best friend and pillar of strength and I could not imagine life without him. I am grateful for the great families we have that we can now both claim (including 5, soon to be six nieces and nephews on his side that are now mine to spoil!).

I am also learning to don strength and resolve, to look at things from a grateful perspective and put away the easy, cop-out desire to whine and be a diva (as Garrett calls me far too often). So feel free to follow me on this journey and season of Reflection as a blog my successes and struggles.


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